Room for the river in densely populated areas

Countries in temperate zones are particularly susceptible to a range of climate change impacts: higher average temperatures, more extreme rainfall in shorter periods of time and longer periods of drought. Low-lying countries are also affected by rising sea-level. Some of these changes will be gradual, others more intense. The Netherlands are a classic example of a low-lying country in a temperate zone.

Metropolitan Accessibility Indicator - exploring potential markets

The indicator map shows for each point the travel-time from every position to a defined point in the city. This indicator can be used as proxy for market potential when it is accompanied by the total number of persons that can be reached from the defined point within a given amount of time. Typically, the indicator is calculated from i) the road network, railway network, waterway network and their capacity, ii) topography (terrain roughness), iii) land cover and iv) barriers, such as rivers. Travel speed can be adjusted using specific expert knowledge rules (e.g.