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We as citizens of a rapidly urbanising world are faced with challenges to find sustainable solutions for our living environment. Issues such as  climate, health and liveability, circularity and food security press our decisions, how we design our yards, neighbourhoods and cities and shape our urban policies and investments.

Metropolitan solutions’ provides you with tools and cases that can assist you in your decisions.

The tools and cases are designed by Wageningen University & Research to improve the quality of life in cities.

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Involving citizens in food production through urban vegetable gardening

An increasing number of people want to develop a closer relation with the food that they consume. They often want to be involved in producing their own food or want to know more about the farming practices of the farmers that grow and produce it. Regional food networks can answer these needs. In addition, these networks boost local economy and can enhance the sense of community and connections between urban inhabitants.


Climate resilient urban planning in the mountainous tropics

Tropical mountainous cities in Latin America are highly vulnerable to climate change and are already facing the disastrous effects of this. Clearing land off trees and shrubs makes soil prone to erosion. In times of heavy rainfall, landslides and floods are inevitable. Therefore, new urban scenarios that effectively alleviate these challenges are needed.


Social media helps to map tourist flows in overrun cities

Tourism has always been considered a profitable activity. However, over-tourism can cause problems, such as traffic jams on narrow roads. In addition, the needs of, local property tenants may not be met due to the demand for holiday property rentals, and tourists may not be able to visit and view landmarks because of the crowds. Therefore, innovative solutions need to be developed to deal with and manage these tourist flows.
By 2050, it is estimated that 70% of the world's population will live in cities. As a result, issues of sustainability and quality of life for those living in cities are increasing in urgency

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Methods, data and guidance on developing and implementing sustainable solutions.

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We are committed to delivering technical and sustianable metropolitan solutions to support the development of smart cities: cities and metropolitan regions that are liveable, healthy, resilient and cyclical. The topics displayed here cover just a few of Wageningen University & Research's many activities. For more information please contact us.

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