Flanders climate data platform - bundling all information in a single portal

  • How will the climate change in my municipality?
  • What information is available for raising citizen awareness on climate change?
  • Which areas are most vulnerable to flooding?
  • Where should we (dis)approve requests for permits for building new settlements?

The Flanders climate information portal bundles current and future projections of primary climate indicators (temperature, precipitation, evaporation and wind), climate effects (heat, flood, rising sea levels, drought) and vulnerabilities (for people and buildings). Local authorities can use it to look for the specific climate change impact on their territory. Information is provided in the form of interactive maps, infographics, graphs and text and is available at different scales. Comparison of local indicators with average in Flanders is also possible.

Wageningen University & Research developed the Flanders climate portal in cooperation with:Flanders Environment Agency and KU Leuven

When would I choose this tool?

For getting a broad overview on:

  • current climate (temperature, precipitation, evaporation and wind)
  • likely vulnerabilities and risks on heat waves, flooding, sea level rise and droughts based on several possible futures
What are the main advantages?

The Flanders climate portal bundles all relevant climate change information in a single portal on the level of Flanders as a whole and on municipal level. 

How do I apply?

Visit the climate portal, or contact Ingrid Coninx.