Sketch ’n Match - a powerful impulse for joint spatial planning

  • How can a policy or a vision statement be made explicit in a spatial plan?
  • How can we integrate urban innovation, while retaining a rural character?
  • Where should we apply which design principles to strengthen the 'green infrastructure'?

A one to three-day design studio to find new solutions and support for a complex spatial challenge. Decision-makers, stakeholders and experts participate to work together intensively on a concrete solution.

The designer spirit, creativity and imagination are linked to high-quality knowledge and a full input from all stakeholders. The design is not used as an end in itself, but as a means to gather insights and to stimulate engagement. The power of visualization is essential in this approach. Visualization strengthens information, inspiration, integration and alignment. Visualizations are a shared language, regardless of the backgrounds of the participants. Visualizations tell and create stories. Sketching together is the basis, but various supporting techniques such as touchtables, interactive atlases and interactive modelling can also be used. The spatial component makes information and the discussion more detailed and specific. Implicit, hidden knowledge, both from practice and from the knowledge domain, is made explicit. This creates a strong basis for surprising new insights, different perspectives, but above all a practical, spatial translation and broad commitment.

When would I choose this tool?
  • To converge ideas and jointly sketch spatial solutions.
  • Verbal communication is translated into visual design in situ.
What are the main advantages?
  • All stakeholders work together to create a joint solution.
  • Speeds up the planning process.
  • Wageningen Environmental Research is specialist in complex spatial processes and provides all required expertise, including design, implementation and finance.
  • Proven method to jointly create innovative spatial designs.
How do I apply?

The Sketch 'n Match is organized in close cooperation with the client. Please contact Michael van Buuren for more information.